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Who Are We?

We at Goshen Fertility Clinic are Orthomolecular Clinicians, Alternative Medical Practitioners, specialized in the treatment of infertility and  chronic/degenerative diseases. Majority of the cases we handle are the so-called incurables, such as cancer, most of which also have defied conventional treatment. The Clinic is non-residential – an out-patient outfit and attendance is by appointment only.

Safe and Healthy

The Clinic Provides:

Non-surgical, Non-toxic Alternative Treatment

Individualized nutritional programs to correct deficiencies and to support the immune system.

Superb patient-centered healthcare in a relaxed atmosphere and friendly client-practitioner relationship.

Individualized treatments for patients diagnosed with various kinds of male and female infertility problems.

Healthcare expertise that spans 37 years of clinical experience and research in orthomolecular medicine